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Flash Animation F.A.Q.

Adobe® Flash® is the most widely used software for creating animated, dynamic and interactive presentations for the web. Flash is also used in the creation of multimedia games and is a great way to deliver powerful presentations to users on various platforms. Please read below for some common questions related Flash Animation.

(Q.) What is Flash Animation?

(A.) Adobe Flash, often just called "Flash" is a multimedia authoring program which utilizes vector graphics, bitmap graphics, sound, text, video, and program code for creative media production. It is powered by Adobe Flash Player, a client application that is installed in 98% of Internet-enabled desktops worldwide and a wide variety of popular devices (view Flash Player statistics).

(Q.) Is it true search engines can't recognize or read text from a Flash website?

(A.) No. Most major search engines can read text from a Flash website however we do not recommend building your site in 100% Flash due to some search & indexing limitations. At Vegas Graphics, our Flash/HTML Websites are designed to be search engine friendly.

(Q.) Can you create an animated logo?

(A.) Yes. We can create an animated logo from your existing artwork or create a custom animated logo for your organization.

(Q.) What is Flash used for?

(A.) Flash can be used for web presentations, website design, CD presentations, and a host of interactive applications.

(Q.) Can video be used in Flash?

(A.) Yes. Flash streamlines video for quick internet speed. Flash Video's can also deliver high-impact interactive presentations.

(Q.) Can Flash be used in dynamic driven website?

(A.) Yes. We can design a flash animated front-end interface to tie into most existing programmed internet/intranet systems.

(Q.) Is Flash widely used on the internet?

(A.) Yes. Most high end and popular websites utilize some form of Flash animation. Animated introductions, banners, web forms, video & image galleries are just some of the web uses.

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