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Vegas Graphics - Twitter

We are please to announce you can now follow us on Twitter. We have had the account for quite some time and used it to communicate internally. We now feel it's a great way for our visitors to see what we're up to and we would love for you to follow our Twitts. See our messages below and follow Vegas Graphics on Twitter.

About Twitter:

Twitter is a social networking tool and mini-blogging service that allows its users to send/read other peoples updates. The more visitors you can get to follow you, the more your message gets seen and/or connections you can build.


These messages you see above are called Tweets. If you create an account on Twitter and start sending a message via your Twitter account; it's considered a Tweet.


If you start typing away mini messages via your Twitter account, it would be considered Twittering. You can be Twittering from your desktop, mobile phone, and other wireless devices.

Success on Twitter:
As with any social/marketing campaign more is not always better. If you can keep your followers within your theme, service, product, or message; the more likely the person reading your Tweets will be interested in what you have to say or offer. Remember to login as often as you can to accept followers, Tweet back, maintain your status, and start Twittering.

Ranking on Twitter:
If you're curious about your ranking on Twitter, just have your pages crawled via Twitterholic provides a great interface with sophisticated bot power that scans your Twitter statistics page, which makes for some pretty entertaining rank statistics. Las Vega’s top twitters have earned incredible exposure through consistently tweeting unique information, fresh updates, and interesting topics. Vegas Graphics has reached recognition within these results and the team gets a kick out of following the progress. If you use Twitterholic; get into the habit of crawling your URL so that your visitors can see your latest spot on a list that extends into the millions.

Oh! Let's not forget Facebook! Members have been scrambling in between implementing social technology for our clients; but each Vegas Graphics member has been working on their own social favorites. You should visit the Vegas Graphics Facebook some time. We'll be unleashing more and more cool social innovations for our own company in the coming months!

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