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Web Design Terms J-R

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JavaScript is a client-side scripting that has endless uses for web design related projects. Some consider JavaScript transitioning effects as an alternative to Flash Animation however the two technologies are vastly different. JavaScript is a great addition to programming environments’ and creating dynamically rich site enhancements.

The look of a website is how the web page design appeals to the viewer. The feel could be certain effects the website has like roll-over effects, transitioning effects, movement, and usability. Many web designers ask their clients to search for a site that has the "look and feel" they are looking for; this is an excellent approach to finding out what the customer wants.

MySQL is an Open Source rational database. It is widely used for storing data from E-commerce and Content Management Systems because it is both a powerful and economical solution. In a nutshell, a MySQL database usually stores content and user information from a website but can also save an entire design structure with content as well.

Open Source
Open source is software that provides its core code to the open public. With a network of community developers it’s an ideal way to develop dynamic applications such as E-commerce, Content Management Solutions, and other site related programs. The advantage to using an Open Source software is that there are lots of users that offer experiences, fixes, information and enhancements because they use the same software. The downfall is that providing an open source of code allows anyone to exploit its possible vulnerabilities.

Pixel is a unit used to determine length and height on monitor screens. You may be familiar with changing your computers screen size. If you look closely at the available sizes, you'll notice the measurements are not in inches rather pixels (ex. 800 X 600 pixels, 1024 X 768 pixels, 1280 X 1024 etc.).

Rollover Effect
A rollover effect is when one image or object is swapped out for another adding a slight interactivity to the web page. One example of a rollover would be a red button turning blue after hovering over with the mouse.

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