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Web Design Terms T-W

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Templates are used to keep a consistent design throughout a website. It also helps usability by keeping an organized layout of the websites link structure. Imagine if each web page you clicked on would change the location of the link you just used; it would be a confusing situation. Templates as referred here are custom made however their are web design companies that use Royalty Free Templates which means a template design could be shared with other website owners throughout the internet. Royalty Free Templates are considerably lower cost to the consumer however are not recommended for unique branding needs.

Traffic (Website)
Website traffic refers to visits by internet users to your website. Visitors to your website can generally be analyzed through web hosting control panels. Traffic patterns can also be used for improving your websites promotion.

Usability is the quality of the experience your website visitors will have when visiting your site. It is used to measure the interaction and quality of content users encounter when utilizing your web page. All web designers should practice usability standards when developing/designing websites.

URL - (Uniform Resource Locator)
The Uniform Resource Locater most commonly called URL identifies the website location. URL's can be pulled by typing an http:// plus the IP Address or Domain Name into the browsers address bar.

Validating Code
Validating code is the process testing websites for compliancy through the W3Consortiums standards. The W3C is a universal quality code advocate that’s main purpose is to keep consistency with coding standards. Possible negative effects of not validating code could result in broken design and poor accessibility among users.

Vector uses mathematical generated equations to define graphic elements. Vector is typically used when designing logos, illustrations, and detailed artwork. The advantages to Vector over bitmap formats such as Jpeg and Gifs is a vector graphic retains its high quality no matter what size you stretch it. It's the ideal format when taking graphic work to the printers.

Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is the ability to market a product, service, or message without involving the originator(s). Viral marketing is commonly used among corporate companies wishing to reduce person to person interaction and saving resources by using multimedia that interactively provides the sales pitch & information needed to "make the sell"; all without the need for human to human communication.

Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is the concept of rethinking or reinventing how the web should be used. At this point it is somewhat unclear of what a majority of developers thinks Web 2.0 is. Some believe table-less layout, blog type design, green consciousness, open source environment, syndication, or a combination of define what Web 2.0 is all about.

Web Standards
If a web designer uses W3C compliant standards when developing a website; he or she would be considered using web standards. The thought behind web standards is that if all web developers design using the same standardized code, then all website will appear and function correctly universally.

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