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Web Hosting F.A.Q.

The web hosting F.A.Q. was developed from actual questions asked by our clients. The web hosting information below is made available to help you answer some of the most common questions.

(Q.) What is Web Hosting?

(A.) Consider web hosting a leased or owned server space that is required to display your website to the World Wide Web. It comes equipped with programming and computer resources to run every aspect of your website (bandwidth, hard drive storage, web statistics, email, sub domains, and a wide variety of other modules).

(Q.) Can you host my website or will I need to find another hosting company?

(A.) Yes. We offer fully managed virtual hosting and dedicated solutions on a selection of platforms depending your websites bandwidth, visitor ratio, disk space, and database requirements. Vegas Graphics can offer a solution to meet any websites needs.

(Q.) What web hosting platforms do you offer and Recommend?

(A.) We offer both Windows & Linux web hosting. The server platform depends on what technology and/or language your website is being developed in; it also depends on what existing services you may want to sync with your server. Whatever your needs, we can help you decide what web hosting platform is right for you.

(Q.) What is bandwidth?

(A.) The amount of web traffic that is allowed to occur between your web site and the rest of the internet. Bandwidth is dictated by a web hosting companies network connections and capabilities, both coming into the data center and out to the World Wide Web. There are several factors that can effect a websites bandwidth; web traffic, interactive technology, video, audio, and file downloads all these usages can effect your web hosting bandwidth.

(Q.) What is disk space?

(A.) Text, graphics, audio, and/or video files take up your hosted computers hard drive space. Knowing what files your current or new site will require will help in determining a web hosting plan to meet your web design needs. As your site grows, disk space can always be added to accommodate your website's expansion.

(Q.) What are web statistics?

(A.) Administration panels like Plesk or Cpanel offer software to track and analyze the number of visitors to a Web site. It includes valuable information such as hits, page views, bandwidth usage, and a suite of other related tools. Some of the most popular Web Stat software include Analog, Awstats, Webalizer, and WebTrends.

(Q.) Does my web hosting come with email management?

(A.) Yes. You can easily add them yourself via your control panel. We also offer email support for helping you add accounts and setting up your email client.

(Q.) What's a sub-domain?

(A.) Sub-domains most often used to organize information within a website. Sometimes on larger sites they are used as an alternative address to direct visitors to an available network when server loads are maxed out. In more common uses, a ecommerce store may want to take advantage of a sub-domain that houses it's SSL -ex. could use to separate it's regular site from it's secure shopping cart directory.

(Q.) What's my domain have to do with web hosting?

(A.) Your domain must point to the server's domain name server (DNS) in order to view your site by typing your domain name into the browsers address bar. This can be easily done by contacting your registrar with the DNS change. Should you need help, we also offer free support in helping you point your DNS to our servers.

(Q.) How long does it take for my domain to switch over to your servers?

(A.) This is called a propagation period. It usually takes 2 - 3 days. We've seen it happen as fast as 2 hours however 3 days ensures it is updated throughout the entire internet. With any web design project, this process should be done ASAP to avoid any website launch delays.

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