Web Design F.A.Q.

The web design F.A.Q. has been designed to provide you with some of the common questions we are often asked. With these web design questions answered, hopefully you will get a better knowledge and enable you to ask the challenging questions when starting your next web project.

(Q.) I am out of state! Can you still design a website for me?

(A.) Yes. While it's always nice to work with a web design company you can meet face to face, it is not required. Many of our clients are nationwide and we communicate with them easily via phone, email, and messaging (from project start to finish). Even most of our Las Vegas clients choose the information highway after our initial meet.

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(Q.) Do I have to know anything about the Worldwide Web and HTML to have a web page?

(A.) No. In fact some of our clients do not have much knowledge of the web or HTML however are aware of importance of having a web presence. While it is recommended that you at least have internet browsing capabilities to view and manage your website, it's not required. We offer assistance in every phase of development, support, monitoring and maintenance services once your website is live. As a client, even if you do not have internet access you are more than welcome to visit our creative suites to evaluate your websites status.

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(Q.) What will you need from me to get the web design project started?

(A.) You may provide us with any ideas you may already have for your website including rough sketches, photographs, existing branding, and text. Please note that there is a list of formats and recommendations we will send you in order to provide the best possible quality results for your website. If you don't have anything to provide, we can offer professional stock imagery, logo, and copywriter services for you. Whatever your web design needs are, our web design team can help you every step of the way.

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(Q.) How much does a website cost?

(A.) The pricing for custom web design services varies on the following factors.

  • How large or small will your site be?
  • Will any database programming need to be created or imported to your new website?
  • What technologies will be utilized?
  • Who will be providing the text for the site? Will you need copywriter services to create your websites content? Is the existing text you have in Electronic format (ex. Microsoft Word / Excel / Copy & Paste).
  • Are photographer services needed for your websites images? Or do you already have pictures for the new web design project?
  • Is their any videos footage, stock video, video conversion needed for your web project?
  • Do you need voiceover services

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(Q.) How long will it take for my custom website to be designed/developed?

(A.) The estimated completion of your website will depend on client communications as well as website technologies being developed/implemented for your site. Our estimated completion dates are generally accurate however third-party content and material delay's can push estimated completion times to a later date.

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(Q.) Are there any hidden rates on your web design quotes?

(A.) No. What we state in our contract is what you pay.

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(Q.) How can I update my own website once it's live?

(A.) There are several options for updating your website. While choosing a CMS (Content Management System) you may want to consider your needs before having any web design company start your new web project. Below are a few scenarios you may want to consider:

  • I only want to change a few sections of my website (Job Postings, Calendar of Events, News, etc.) and have a webmaster maintain the rest.
  • I want to manage every aspect of my website; adding/editing/deleting links, text, and pages through a user friendly interface.
  • I have experience in Front Page. All I need is the initial custom designed website to start me off.

Depending your web design requirements, we can help you find "website updating solutions" that fits both your budget and needs.

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(Q.) Will my website be viewable in other web browsers?

(A.) Yes. We test all our websites on various browsers, browser versions, and platforms (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Fire Fox, Opera -Windows/Linux/Macintosh). Vegas Graphics also guarantees every web design to be free from "design defect" or we'll fix it.

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(Q.) Do you use cookie-cutter templates?

(A.) No. We start every project from scratch using your specifications. Everything from color, graphics, and layout is custom designed and 100% approved by you. We never use pre-fabricated or royalty free templates. You're paying to have your ideal site designed to represent you -not others.

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(Q.) Will I receive instant web traffic once my new site is launched?

(A.) No. While we do a basic submission to attempt an initial indexing by major search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo; It is not designed to boost traffic to your site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Page Optimization (WPO) is needed to increase keyword targeted traffic to your website.

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