Content Management Solution (CMS)

If having the ability to add, edit, and delete any content or page of your website sounds appealing to you; you may be interested in this information. Below we will cover the options of having your very own web-based content management solution and whether a CMS is right for you.

Economical Content Management

There are some great open source content management solutions available to programmers that can save both time and money. The advantages to using an Open Source CMS are the low cost and widely used resources available to web developers. While the software is generally free to the public, the experience of designing, customizing, and maintain the software is typically charged hourly or per project bases. While it depends on how complex your web project needs are; budgets are normally smaller than undertakings requiring proprietary software. Listed below are more positive features of a good Open Source CMS.

  • Quick installation turn-around
  • Separation of design & content
  • Availability of plugins/addons
  • Community support for both users & programmers
  • Configurable for User Friendliness

Joomla & Drupal are among the reputable communities that have been providing Open Source Content Management Solutions for many years. Their incredible community of devoted developers & designers has provided a great product, innovative ideas and continuous improvement to the area of content management.

Proprietary Content Management

Many corporate environments require proprietary technology for reasons ranging from security to info structure compatibility. While no software programming can promise 100% security, proprietary CMS does not allow the open source to its inner code. Some experts believe this hidden technology offers better security and reduces the chance of exploiting possible system vulnerabilities. One example of a proprietary technology is the Microsoft Content Management Server. For Web content management solutions they offer a wide variety of existing applications that can work in conjunction with extranet or Internet-facing sites. The cost is generally higher for this type of solution however is sometimes worth the investment to corporations already invested in the Microsoft environment.

New Development CMS

Some organizations need sophisticated and detailed solutions to their web-based content management needs; In this case developing a CMS from scratch may be beneficial. To code a CMS solution from concept to creation generally includes a devoted team of developers and web designers that can collaborate a programming scheme and design flow that will fulfill the internet project requirements. Depending on the needs, creating a new CMS may require a substantial investment in both time and money. The benefits to creating a brand new CMS are having unique software catered specifically to your private label.

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