When Should I Redesign My Website?

There are many reasons you may need to redesign your website ranging from graphic design, HTML coding, Web Forms, and programming. Below we will discuss typical signs that indicate its time to redesign.

My Website's Not Cross Browser Friendly

Sometimes people utilize a web design service only to find there website looks totally disfigured on various browsers (Internet Explorer, Fox, Netscape, etc.). Sometimes cross browser issues aren’t seen right away, but as browser's upgrade there software the results are quite visual. These cross browser issues range from slight graphic design defects to major visual and functional problems for your visitors. If you encounter these types design issues, it's a good indication that a website redesign is needed.

*TIP: When working with a web designer, it is to your advantage to test there work on various platforms (Mac/Windows) and browsers (Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Netscape, etc.) to insure your designer is "up to code". Good webmasters use compliant code whenever applicable.

I Need A New Look!

As time goes by, the great looking website you've had for 5 years may not be in fashion with the current times; if this is the case you may want to consider a redesign of your website. There’s a chance a good web designer may be able to improve the aesthetics of your current design however in many cases a total web design revamp would be more logical, and cost effective.

The Navigation Has Become Confusing

As websites grow, so does the visual hierarchy of links. Your site may have started with only a few web pages and now you realize you have so many links that it's hard for visitors to navigate through all your content. An overgrown or scattered link structure is a good reason to redesign your existing site. Below are some solutions to interface design:

  • Drop Down Menus
  • Collapsible Navigation
  • Dynamic Flash Menus
  • Good Hierarchy Layout
  • Site Map

*TIP: Redesigning your site "just for looks" is definitely not the best move. There could be existing elements that are working with your current website that you may wish to consider incorporating into the new design. Thinking about your visitors and search engine friendly web pages is also crucial. You should analyze your web statistics to find out which pages are most popular, helpful to visitors, and required so that you can include them into your website redesign.