What's Flash and is it really necessary?

You may be considering some sort of Flash Animation for your next web site production. It is quite commonly used among the net and its popularity seems to be rising daily. Flash technology is used for many applications from CD presentations to interactive website design. While Flash is not for everyone, it is a prominent tool for creative projects. Below we discuss how Flash development can help your web design project.

Will My Users Appreciate Flash?

This depends on the audience you are trying to reach and how Flash is used in design. If Flash is done tasteful and professional, it can produce unique ways to get your message noticed and deliver dynamic results that capture visitor’s attention. Like any other technology, if Flash development is overused or distracting it can be annoying. Unlike any other technology to date, Flash provides limitless creativity to allow web designers to bring written storyboards and ideas to life.

Does Everyone Have The Flash Plug-In?

Over 98% of browsers support this technology and its format is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. For those that do not support Flash, scripting can be developed to direct users to download the plug-in or automatically replace the animated content with static design.

Will Flash Take Long To Download?

Contrary to many beliefs, Flash is a super streaming -fast loading technology for those that take advantage of its internet capabilities. Video sharing websites (like YouTube.com) have quickly gained popularity and their choice of technology for video, is Flash. The player streamlines video content to provide a smooth transition between viewing and loading large files.

Can Flash Provide Dynamic Uses For My Visitors?

Flash is not only used in design, but for programming as well. If your website runs on programming language or extensive databases, it can also be used as a web form to retrieve data and process information. Flash's technology also allows for great security on a variety of applications by preventing access to sensitive coding information.

Will Flash Interfere With My Search Engine Results?

Using too much Flash in your web design may be problematic for some search engines. As long as you provide static text in your Flash/HTML website, search engines will be able to read, index, and rank your site, provided the rest of your website and domain meets their guidelines.

Is Flash Really Necessary?

We will conclude that Flash is not necessary to the existence of your website but definitely a nice enhancement to have. It really depends on what you think your web audience would like. From a marketing perspective, the high-end technology that Flash offers is a must! Business's are constantly thriving for more creative and unique developments that will capture and retain the viewing public. For others, Flash may not be in the budget or a priority of the website owner.