Why do I need a new website?

Being in the business of developing websites, we sometimes have to explain the positives’ of having a business website or personal web page to our potential clients. For the last 9 years, this has been one of the easier challenges our web design company has encountered.

Business Web Presence

In today’s business market, people are less likely to use your services or products unless you provide a gateway of trust or professionalism that lets them know you've taken the time and money to explain your offerings. This can be done by virtue of Ad placements, brochures, business cards, digital cards, and the list goes on. While there are lots of ways to expose your service or products, having a professionally designed site can build trust, as all promotional products can also include your websites URL which lets potential customers know more details about your company such as credentials, experience, history, feedback, extended products/service, contact info, etc. Since having a sales crew to visit and sell every single customer is not always possible, websites provide an initial representation of your organization; if your web design reflects well to visitors they may take the next step of calling or visiting you for a more personal service.

Personal Websites

You don't have to have a business to have a website designed for you. Many people make additional income and even lucrative salaries from having personal websites. Blogs or journals are an excellent means of expressing your ideas or thoughts for profit. If you have access to a computer and the ability to write, you have a great opportunity generate profit through ad placements on your site. Listed below are some of the pay-per-click revenue providers that offer tracking code that can easily be implemented to your web page by a skilled web designer or even copied and pasted by newbie’s.

Maybe you’re not interested in the fame and fortune? Many people have websites to simply promote their job skills. Having a web page is wonderful addition to your resume that could provide more insight to your abilities. Expressing your religion or hobbies through having a personal web page is also a popular means of letting people know your true passion and perhaps enticing visitors that share your common interest.

There is a never ending list of reasons you should have a new website. The earlier you start, the more establish your internet presence will be and the better knowledge and experience you will have gained from running your own website.